Faculty Colloquium: Ortwin Knorr

Please join us Friday, September 29nd at 3 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge for our third Faculty Colloquium of this semester. Treats will be provided.

Presenter: Ortwin Knorr, Associate Professor of Classics
Title: Using Digital Technology in Teaching a College Colloquium about Film

Integrating digital technology into one’s own teaching can be relatively simple yet pay great dividends, as my experience with my College Colloquium, “Ancient Greece and Rome in the Movies,” may demonstrate. In this presentation, I will discuss my use of simple Powerpoints for pre- and post-tests as well as short lectures on visual concepts; the use of a course blog to draw out more reserved students and to start a discussion outside of class; writing assignments that are tied to existing contributor-fed sites such as the Internet Movie Database (imdb); and the final course project, the students’ creation of their own illustrated website about a movie or movie-related topic of their choice, using free and easy-to-learn software like weebly or wix.

Students are welcome. We look forward to seeing you there.

Ellen Eisenberg and Bill Kelm
Faculty Colloquium Coordinators