Faculty Colloquium: Injuring Yourself to Better Health: How Exercise Improves Cardiovascular

lockardsmDear Colleagues,

Please join us this Friday, April 22nd at 3 pm. in Collins 205 for our tenth Faculty Colloquium of this semester.  Treats will be provided.Michael Lockard, Associate Professor of Exercise Science

Title: Injuring Yourself to Better Health: How Exercise Improves Cardiovascular Health

Abstract:  Regular aerobic activity has long been associated with improved cardiovascular health and decreased risk for the development of cardiovascular disease.  While aerobic exercise training has been repeatedly associated with improvements in risk factors associated with CVD, it appears that training results in an additional reduction in risk independent of the more conventional risk factor.  It has been suggested that a causal link between regular physical activity and reduced CVD risk is mediated through the improvement of endothelial health and associated vascular function.  To this date, however, a specific mechanism for linking the repeated act of exercising and improvement in vascular function has not been established.  It is the goal of this research to elucidate the details of this mechanism.

Please feel free to invite students to attend this talk.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Doreen Simonsen and Bobby Brewer-Wallin
Faculty Colloquium Coordinators