Saint-making and Map-making

francavigliaDear Colleagues,

Please join us this Friday, February 26th at 3 pm. in the Hatfield Room for our fourth Faculty Colloquium of this semester.  Treats will be provided.Richard Francaviglia, Professor Emeritus of History and Geography

Title: Saint-making and Map-making: The Cartographic History of Mormonism

This lecture will explore the fascinating and enduring connection between Mormonism and maps. From the first “City of Zion” plat map in the early 1830s to the most modern cartography showing the worldwide distribution of Latter-day Saints, Mormonism has relied on maps to promote and sustain the faith. This lecture will showcase about a dozen maps that cover important themes in Mormon history, including bringing order to the western American wilderness, portraying locations described in the Book of Mormon, and mapping the territories served by missionaries at home and abroad.

Please feel free to invite students to attend this talk.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Doreen Simonsen and Bobby Brewer-Wallin
Faculty Colloquium Coordinators