All You Need Is Love…

February in the Willamette Valley tends to be a little gray and dreary but happily, Valentine’s Day appears right in the middle of the month to cheer us all up! Some people think Valentine’s Day is nothing but a holiday created by the greedy greeting card industry. Some feel that it is a wonderful, romantic holiday for lovers and still others think that it is all about friendship and fun. heart shaped frosted cookies
Oh, and let’s not forget the wonderful candy and flowers associated with this celebratory day! When all is said and done, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love in all its forms. Regardless of your thoughts on Valentine’s Day, the library has a good assortment of love-related books to entertain, educate, and perhaps warm your heart the whole month long.  Have a look at our WU Reads Reading Guide.

Your greatest power is to show love, to receive love and to be love. — Oprah Winfrey