Celebrating the Great Outdoors

June is National Great Outdoors Month and never before has getting outdoors been so important.  As we all struggle to cope with this new world of COVID-19, spending time in nature can bring joy and solace.  Striding along a path, feeling the sun on your back, watching a squirrel scamper up a tree, enjoying the beauty of a brightly-colored flower, listening to the birds singing—it’s magical!  According to the experts, being outside is one of the safest places for us to be right now as long as we remain six feet away from others.  And staying away from others is a lot easier to do outdoors! Those of us living in the Northwest are lucky to live in a temperate climate with easy access to beautiful places in every direction.  Most cities have wonderful parks and trails but just walking around your neighborhood can reveal the natural beauty all around us.  So get outside and join us in celebrating the great outdoors!  In preparation for your time in nature, check out the nature-related e-books listed on our WU Reads Reading Guide.


In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks–John Muir