Bookmarks: An Eclectic Collection

Visit the Hatfield Library and enjoy the diverse assortment of bookmarks currently on display in the glass cases on the second floor.  This collection spans many decades and includes bookmarks from various places and made out of a wide assortment of materials such as wood, leather, canvas, fabric, metal, plastic, and paper.  There are bookmarks from bookstores across the United States, including ones from stores that are no longer with us; there are also numerous bookmarks from libraries and publishers as well as ones promoting reading and literacy.  Viewers will find bookmarks depicting frogs, cats, animals of all sorts, nature, museums, national parks, historic sites and figures, art and artists, and much more.  Some of the bookmarks were purchased or picked up at bookstores, conferences or other events, but many were found in used books or materials donated/returned to the library.  Check out this whimsical exhibit next time you are in the library!

–Bookmarks on display are from the collection of Joni Roberts, Librarian